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New CD - Silk and Steel (2006)
"Silk and Steel" has something for everyone and is definitely no hollow effort. On the disc Stephanie showcases her talent as a singer-songwriter. The music is tight, melodic and lyrically compelling. Itís a solid listen all the way through.

CD cover - Silk and Steel

Song List

Why Not Make It Now
How Do You Feel
Just Friends
Soldiers and Freedom
Put the Top Down
Life is the Journey
Bring Me Affection
My Love Walks By My Side
Run Around With You
Postmarked From Heaven

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Reality (2002)
Reality features 10 original compositions (some co-written), of Folk, Country, Rock, and Americana. The rootsy, organic sounding album was recorded in Nashville, engineered and produced by George Clinton at Bayou Recording.

Reality CD cover

Song List

Check Up on Me
On My Own
Never Go Back
Sweet Talkin' (Fool)
Calling Out
Never Let You Go
Sleep Tight

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