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Stephanie Marshall had her first taste of the stage when she was just 5 years old and never lost the hunger for the spotlight. She followed the lead of her biggest influence, her sister Susan Marshall, who lived in Nashville and was a pioneer in the alternative/country rock scene in the late 80’s.

Stephanie grew up learning about the music business from behind the scenes with frequent visits to Music City. At the age of 14, she swiped her brother’s guitar and a Neil Young songbook and taught herself a few songs. Within a year, she headed out to her first open mic and entered a talent contest. Armed with a big smile and a few chords, she captivated her audience and won first place. She continued performing throughout high school and college as a solo act and with various bands, while discovering her own creativity. It was at this time that she began a whole new journey into songwriting and recording.

After college, Stephanie traveled around New Jersey and then headed up to Boston in search of a new adventure. She worked for a short time in health administration. Although she liked her job, she found it to be unfulfilling. With the support of her new husband, friends and family, she settled in Western Massachusetts and began working seriously on her recording and songwriting. She continues to travel to Nashville to focus on her writing, while promoting her music through live performances, radio airplay, her website and CDBaby.

Stephanie reveals: “I am grateful to do what I love and to share my music with anyone who will listen!”

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Stephanie Marshall
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